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Urgent call for participation in neutron survey

Rundschreiben des KFN vom 10.09.2020


Dear colleagues,

we would be most grateful if you took 15 minutes of your time to take part in a survey by the European user organization ENSA, preferably by Monday 14th of

This survey is important in the scientific, but also political context and as a basis for the research policy recommendations of the KFN. Especially steps 2 to 4 are relevant for us.

The survey runs in all European countries, but it will be evaluated country-specific as well. This is the link for neutron users in Germany:

The password is ENSA_B2

ENSA is thanking all those that took time in providing their publications for the European-wide analysis of neutron science. The survey has collected more than 10,000 pdf for analysis. In the current survey, you will be able to comment the resulting AI-analysis in step 1 and explain your needs in the following steps.

The survey consists of four steps:

1. What do think about our AI analysis?
2. Who are you, and what is your neutron science?
3. What would you like for the future, facility-related?
4. What would you like for the future, not-facility-related?

With many thanks,
Astrid Schneidewind, chair of the German Committee Research with Neutrons

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