User survey

User survey on current and future user needs in view of the planned upgrades at German synchrotron radiation facilities

The KFS represents the needs of all synchrotron (including FEL) users in Germany. Currently, updates are planned at all synchrotron facilites, so it is crucial to know what users need now and in the future.

This survey is very important for the future of photon science research in Germany and the results will be considered for our future KFS strategy. Your answers will help us to show the research funding agencies where photon science is currently focused and where the focus will move to in the coming years.

We kindly ask you to take the time to answer the questions below. Please click all boxes that apply.

Your Status
Please tell us which group of persons you belong to

At which sort of institution do you work?

Which energy regime do you use? Multiple choices are possible.
Which synchrotron sources do you use? Please enter the mean number of experiments per year.
Scientific field
In which scientific field can your research be identified?
Social or economic challenge / field of application
To which social or economic challenge does or could your research contribute?
Which methods do you use?
Emission or Reflection
Resonant inelastic x-ray scattering (RIXS) is listed in the scattering section
Photoelectron spectroscopy
Ion Spectroscopy
What are your particular requirements?
X-ray beam quality
Sample environment
Time scale to be investigated
How important are these off-line infrastructures for your experiments?
Chemistry labs
Biology labs
Clean room
Stand alone characterisation tools (AFM, STM, X-ray sources, UV/VIS, ...)
Sample preparation at the facility (PVD, ALD, sputter tools, ...)
What are your data management requirements?
Please evaluate the present situation at the facilites with respect to your needs
Data storage
Data transfer from the facility to your institute
Long term archiving
Data reduction
Data evaluation
Analysis software
Theory support
Does this apply to you?
Do you expect any of the following to become more important for your future research?

Thank you for participating!