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Neutrons Verify New Quantum State
An international research team has proved the existence of spin-spirals in a quantum liquid.
Anatoliy Senyshyn received the Wolfram-Prandl-Prize
JCNS-videos demonstrate quantum mechanics and neutron scattering
German Neutron Scattering Conference 2016: more than 200 participants registered
What the KFS does
Nobel Prize in Physics for theoretical discoveries of topological phase transitions and topological phases of matter: neutron experiments confirm
Call for Expressions of Interest for new instrumentation as part of Phase 2 of the Endurance Upgrade Programme at ILL
European XFEL prepares for user operation: Researchers can hand in first proposals for experiments
Big bang imitation in the laboratory
30 years Committee Research with Neutrons: 1987-2017
Brochure of the KFN: Looking back to envision the future
First European XFEL research results published
News from the world of research with synchrotron Radiation, neutrons and ion beams at large facilities
European cooperation: League of European Neutron Sources (LENS)
KFS user survey
Construction of ESS campus is underway
PaNOSC: Photon and Neutron Open Science Cloud
Rapid access trial run at the powder diffraction and total scattering beamline at PETRA III, P02.1
Millions of euros for neutron research
August 2016
Data Science in Hamburg: New Graduate School DASHH
Gallium arsenide for high resolution in neutron backscattering spectroscopy
Bernhard Frick, Andreas Magerl and their colleagues devise and develop gallium arsenide analysers
RACIRI Summer School 2019: Structure, Real-time Dynamics and Processes in Compex Systems
Workshop on Scientific Perspectives for Competence Center for KIMM (Ion Beams in Materials Research and Medicine)
Research And Development with Ion Beams – Advancing Technology in Europe
ErUM committees have published recommendataions on digital transformation
Challenges and Opportunities of Digital Transformation in Fundamental Research on Universe and Matter, April 2019
The KFS mourns Wilfried Wurth
Ion Beam Physics Workshop
Ion Beam Physics Workshop, Dresden, June 24-26, 2019. Abstract deadline: May 26, 2019
Neutron Scattering and Imaging for Newcomers
Satellite at ECM32, Vienna. 14th to 17th August 2019