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Call for PETRA IV scientific instrumentation

Deadline: December 01, 2020


DESY has opened a call for PETRA IV scientific instrumentation. We are asking researchers from all fields of science to submit proposals for experiments.

PETRA IV will be a synchrotron radiation source with ultra-low emittance, reaching an extremely high brightness. It will be ideal to follow biological, chemical and physical processes on all relevant length scales from atomic dimensions to millimetres and time scales down to the sub-nanosecond range. Details about the expected beam parameters can be found in the conceptual design report (CDR, In order to fully exploit the exceptional beam parameters, advanced optics, improved mechanical designs, and novel detector systems will be required. PETRA IV will enable ground-breaking new experiments that will require new specialised and dedicated instrumentation.

The PETRA IV team has recently started the Technical Design phase. Within this phase the PETRA IV beamline portfolio will be developed on the basis of scientific instrumentation proposals from you as the user community.

Based on the assessment, the proposals will be later used to establish a user-tailored beamline portfolio. Please note that the experiments may not always be implemented as proposed, but may be incorporated into a larger concept.

Therefore, your contribution is essential for shaping the PETRA IV beamline portfolio.

It should be expressly noted that the call for experiment proposals is very broad.
It includes experiments
- which are only possible due to the extraordinary beam parameters at PETRA IV,
- which enable advanced in-situ/operando studies by specialised complex sample environments,
- and/or which are dedicated to high throughput and/or may allow for a high degree of automation, including mail-in services and remote access,
- which are relevant for and compatible with the need of industrial users.

In addition, there will be a series of workshops in autumn 2020 to generate ideas for PETRA IV experiments and to support the application process by exchanging ideas with interested researchers from all scientific fields.

Please describe your proposed experiment as detailed as possible with all relevant requirements and specification, especially in terms of X-ray beam parameters, detectors and computing using the provided templates.

All proposals have to be submitted at

Please, read carefully the preparation guidelines. They can be found together with the proposal templates here:

The deadline for the scientific instrumentation proposal submission is

1 December 2020 until 18:00 local Hamburg time (UTC+1)

If you have questions or encounter problems related to the proposals or submission process,
please do not hesitate to contact us via mail or phone

Dr. K. Bagschik
phone: +49 - 40 - 8998 - 2670
Dr. O. H. Seeck
phone: +49 - 40 - 8998 - 2603
Dr. H.-C. Wille
Phone: +49 - 40 - 8998 - 5724

With kind regards,

DESY PETRA IV project team