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The first year of the 12th KFS

16 December 2021: A look back and into the future


These days it is exactly one year since the 12th KFS started its work. What was important this year, what have we achieved and what are we planning for the future?

The elected and co-opted KFS members have developed ideas, discussed and defined tasks in five meetings with the representatives of the centres and PT DESY. The KFS brings together not only different fields of expertise, but also different perspectives on research with synchrotron radiation. And things really do get moving - some in the short term, others for years or even decades to come.

One of the first topics in the meetings was instrumentation for the next few years at the various sources. This also fed into the discussion with the BMBF - a new BMBF call in ErUM-Pro was published in the summer. The KFS felt it was important to encourage young scientists to apply and to provide them with comprehensive information about the procedure. To this end, PT DESY, with the support of the KFS and KFN, organised a Zoom conference for proposal advice. A correspondingly large number of proposal enders submitted proposals in autumn of this year.

The activities on digital transformation have developed extraordinarily well - from intensive discussions with BMBF/PT DESY on funding by the BMBF (ErUM-Data) to the funding of an application by KFS and KFN within the framework of the DFG's National Data Infrastructure (DAPHNE4NFDI). Now we can start for real. We are looking forward to it!

The pandemic was a real challenge for the users, especially because business trips were hardly possible at times. Fortunately, the facilites have done their utmost to maintain user operations even under corona conditions, to conduct remote experiments and to support the users. We especially thank the beamline scientists, for whom it has meant a lot of extra work, and the users for their patience with all the constraints they have taken on.

At the sources, things are progressing steadily - at the ESRF, the EBS upgrade has opened up excellent new opportunities, and at DESY and HZB, the future projects PETRA IV and BESSY III are being driven forward in exchange with the users and give rise to anticipation for the coming years, see KFS brochure "Research with Photons - Light for the Future", Helmholtz Photon Science Roadmap "Forschung und Innovation stärken" (in German), KFS message on PETRA IV workshops.

The KFS represents the interests of the users internally and externally. The importance of research with synchrotron radiation for society is shown by various publications of the KFS in recent months (KFS strategy brochure in English, article in the Physik Journal (in German), press release on corona research). In the future, we will take up other current topics.

For next year, we are preparing a workshop on the transfer between science and industry. As recently at the HZB User Meeting, we will present the KFS at the DESY Photon Science Meeting in January - unfortunately only virtually. All the more we hope that we can all meet in person at the Synchrotron Neutron Ion Conference SNI2022 taking place in autumn 2022!


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