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SNI2022: Big infrastructure, big research, big city

Personal exchange on research with synchrotron radiation, neutrons and ions - finally


Group picture from the SNI Conference 2022, which met from 05-07 September 2022 in the "Rostlaube" of the Freie Universität Berlin. © M. Setzpfandt/HZB

The 5th German Conference for Research with Synchrotron Radiation, Neutrons and Ion Beams at Large Facilities (SNI2022) brought together about 400 scientists at the FU Berlin from 05 to 07 September 2022. Numerous talks, posters and, above all, personal discussions on site offered insights into their work, progress and visions.

In a public evening lecture, Prof. Frank Schreiber made clear what distinguishes and connects these research areas: Deep insights into materials and processes through highly developed instrumentation, supported by a committed research community and large-scale equipment funding from the BMBF. In his welcoming address at the festive conference dinner in the Tipi am Kanzleramt, Ministerial Councillor Dr. Volkmar Dietz emphasised the special position of large-scale instrumentation research - both for innovation and basic research.

Conference dinner and welcome address by Ministerial Councillor Dr. Volkmar Dietz in the Tipi am Kanzleramt. © K. Griewatsch/Hereon

Special focal points of the conference were instrumentation and in-situ and operando studies of materials under realistic conditions or during the course of processes - as a contribution to pressing issues such as the energy transition, health and the environment.

Finally, two excellent young neutron researchers, Dr. Navid Qureshi (ILL) and Dr. Artur Glavic (PSI), received awards. Justus Just (MAX IV, Lund, Sweden), Rebecca Spiecker (KIT, Karlsruhe) and Laura Guasco (Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research, Stuttgart) received prizes for their particularly successful posters.

Poster prizes for  Justus Just, Rebecca Spiecker and Laura Guasco. © M. Setzpfandt/HZB

Every three years, SNI scientists elect their representatives, the Committees for Research with Neutrons (KFN), Synchrotron Radiation (KFS) and Nuclear Probes and Ions (KFSI). These committees initiated the meeting and also used it to exchange views on strategic issues - so that SNI research continues to flourish and bear fruit!

The participants of the joint meeting of the 12th KFS and 12th KFN on 04 September.2022 in Berlin. © L. Amelung/DESY

We would like to thank the conference organisers for this successful event, which was a complete success thanks to their efforts, the chair of the conference Prof. Jan Lüning and his team around Olaf Schwarzkopf, Zita Hüsges, Sandra Fischer and Christian Jung. We are already looking forward to seeing you again - in four years at the latest!

Some more impressions from the SNI2022 (© M. Setzpfandt/K. Fuchs/HZB):

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