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Exchange between science and industry is an important aspect of research with synchrotron radiation, neutrons and ions


The user associations Committee Research with Synchrotron Radiation (KFS), Committee Research with Neutrons (KFN) and Committee Research with Nucelar Probes and Ions (KFSI) represent a total of approximately 5500 researchers from universities, research institutions and industry working in this field in Germany. Basic research and applied research merge, so that scientific findings lead to innovations and drive technological progress. Conversely, the source operators also benefit from impulses and developments from industry.

The SNI committees strengthen and network their research communities in a variety of ways. One important aspect of this is the exchange between science and industry. In April 2022, for example, the KFS organised a transfer workshop with invited guests to discuss structural measures and transfer models. If you are interested, please contact stating your motivation.

The large research institutions foster their contacts with companies and have their own departments and access channels for users from industry (DESY, ESRF, ESS, EuXFEL, GSI, Hereon, HZDR, ILL, JCNS, KIT-Synchrotron, MLZ). Many projects by users from universities or other research institutions are also carried out in collaboration with industrial partners.



Transfer in this research area is also supported by various initiatives, such as:


There are various funding programmes that finance cooperations and industrial research:

Current developments

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