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Team Up for Transfer

KFS Transfer Workshop, Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin/online, 28/29 April 2022


On-site participants of the Research with Synchrotron Radiation Transfer Workshop 2022

More than 40 participants discussed and formulated ideas on how to increase the societal benefit of synchrotrons at a hybrid meeting.

Key features of synchrotrons are specialized hardware. European companies are well represented in this high-tech field. A close integration of strategic industrial partners in the early discussions of next generation synchrotron technology and requirements is encouraged. This will allow the industrial partners to share expertise and technology and improve the final outcome. As European synchrotrons are global technology leaders this will further strengthen the European synchrotron industry.

Synchrotrons have benefited by expanding from an initial focus on physics and crystallography to include material sciences, palaeontology and biological imaging. Here small enabling companies play an essential role by acting as intermediaries between industrial researchers (but also less synchrotron knowledgeable academic groups) and synchrotrons. They develop methods and grow the impact of synchrotron research on society. A deeper integration of intermediaries into the synchrotron planning, scheduling and running will benefit this growth. Intermediaries are allies and important resources to synchrotrons and should be actively marketed by facilities.

A team spirit that welcomes openness and exchange across institutional, legal entity and country borders in the design, operation and development of synchrotrons will directly increase their benefit to society. Synchrotrons will develop from research hubs into fundamental infrastructures for society. Since this is important for all users of synchrotron radiation, the German Committee Research with Synchrotron Radiation (KFS), which organized the workshop, will continue to work towards this goal in exchange with funding agencies.

Birgit Kanngießer, Bernd Hinrichsen, Karin Griewatsch and Jan-Dierk Grunwaldt


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