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Dr. Thomas Keller

KFN member 2020-2023



Thomas Keller
MPI für Festkörperforschung (Abteilung Keimer)
Außenstelle am FRM II

Current research topics:      

  • High-resolution spin-echo spectroscopy: Lifetimes of spin excitations and phonons
  • High-resolution diffraction (Larmor Diffraction)
  • Instrumental developments for neutron reflectometry


In the KFN, I would stand up for:

As an instrument scientist at FRM II I am in close contact with neutron users and their questions: Which instrumental developments are needed?  Do we still need neutrons at all, or are we sitting in a niche that will soon disappear? How can we inspire the young generation to work with neutrons?

Scientific career:

since 2001

Scientist at the MPI for Solid State Research in the department of Prof. B. Keimer, instrument manager at FRM II for TRISP (spin-echo three-axis spectrometer and Larmor diffractometer) and NREX (reflectometer with polarisation analysis)


Research assistant at the FRM with Prof. W. Gläser


Research associate at HMI Berlin with Prof. F. Mezei, instrumentation with polarised neutrons (TAS, spin-echo, small angle scattering)


Doctorate on resonance spin-echo spectroscopy, supervised by Dr. R. Gähler, Dr. R. Golub and Prof. W. Gläser


Study of physics at the TU Munich