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Prof. Dr. Ulli Köster

KFN member 2020-2023


UK_150 Ulli Köster
Institut Laue-Langevin
71 avenue des Martyrs
F-38042 Grenoble
Tel. +33 4 7620 7154

Research interest:      

  • (neutron-induced) production of radionuclides and their scientific and medical applications
  • Neutron-induced fission
  • Nuclear spectroscopy with neutron-induced reactions
  • Neutron-based analysis methods (PGAA, NAA, NDP, ...)
  • Radiobiology with slow neutrons


In the KFN, I would stand up for:

  • My goal is to support and communicate the wide range of applications of neutrons, especially applications that go beyond neutron scattering.
  • Efficient use and long-term perspective of German and European neutron sources
  • Promotion of teaching of neutron-based methods at universities and FHs
  • Promotion of young scientists using neutrons

Scientific career

Membership in committees of FRM2, ARRONAX, CERN-MEDICIS, GANIL, iThemba Labs, LPSC Grenoble.

Since 2015:

Associate professor at the Université Grenoble Alpes: "Chair Grands Instruments Européens"

Since 2006:

Instrument scientist at the ILL


Coordinator of the EU-Project TARGISOL


CERN Fellow


PhD at the TU München (stays at an ILL, CERN & TRIUMF)


Study of physics at the TU München