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101. KFN meeting

German Committee Research with Neutrons

Friday, Sept. 24, 2021, video conference


Digital transformation: The coordination office (DIG-UM) is being set up for ErUM-Data. The DIG-UM kick-off meeting is planned for early November. For the selection of the first ErUM-Data projects, outlines were submitted in the first step. After that, groups will be invited to submit applications. ErUM-Data is intended for overarching projects of a structural nature.

ErUM-Pro: The ErUM-Pro announcement was published in August. The review is scheduled for week 9 2022.

Neutron result of the quarter: How the approved viral drug telaprevir could help against COVID-19

Reports from the facilites

ILL: As of 01.10. Paul Langan becomes ILL Director and Andreas Meyer German Associate Director and Head of Projects and Techniques (DPT) of ILL. The 6th Protocol was signed in mid-September, see This secures the operation of the ILL until 2033, but the institute will continue to exist even without the reactor. The doctoral programme InnovaXN is running very successfully. To secure operation until 2033, work on building safety and renewing the instruments in Endurance will be carried out during a shutdown that is expected to last until December 2022. Three cycles are then planned again for 2023. In the following years, too, the fruits are to be harvested in maximum cycles. Frank Schreiber thanks Helmut Schober for his many years of commitment to the ILL.

MLZ/FRM II: The cold spring of the FRM II must be replaced. It is planned to remove and install it and in the meantime to operate it without the cold source, starting at the beginning of 2022. The cold part of the spectrum from the thermal moderator will be used. From the MLZ's perspective, there are no restrictions on instrumentation projects. Instruments will also be adapted to enable higher flux. According to the current plan, cold neutrons will be available again from 2024/25. KFN congratulates Peter Böni on the MLZ instrumentation award.

Instrumentation developments were and are a crucial basis for new research results. The MLZ is planning an online user meeting (07-08 Dec. 2021). In addition to science with neutrons, the current possible use of the MLZ will also be discussed. From 31 May. to 03 June 2022, the MLZ conference "Neutrons for Mobility" will take place in Lenggries.

ESS: Very good progress is being made at the ESS with the installation of various instruments. The same applies to the neutron guide components. The D-halls for the instruments are about to be handed over. There is also good progress at the Target. The installation of the beam port tubes is imminent. The normal-conducting part of the accelerator will be commissioned in October. The pandemic has led to a project delay, and an intensive dialogue with the Inkind partners is under way. In Denmark, the restrictions due to the corona pandemic have been lifted in the meantime, and this will also happen soon in Sweden. In a step-by-step process, employees are to return to their offices by the end of the year. A joint user meeting with ILL is planned from 05 to 07 October 2022. This meeting is complementary to other events before and after (ICNS, SNI, ECNS) and offers the opportunity to visit the ESS - it is worth it!

SNI2022 in Berlin: The status of planning for the German Conference on Research with Synchrotron Radiation, Neutrons and Ion Beams at Large Facilities from 05 to 07 Sept. 2022 at the FU Berlin will be presented. The programme committee will gather proposals for plenary and key note lectures, the evening lecture and topics for sessions and microsymposia.

KFN Homepage: It is decided to publish the "Neutron Results of the Quarter" from the KFN meetings on the homepage in the future.

KFN-brochure: The KFN brochure "Neutron Research in Germany for Science and Society" will be translated into English.

Dates: The next KFN meeting will take place as a video conference on 06 Dec. 2021, partly together with the KFS.

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