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103. KFN meeting

German Committee Research with Neutrons


Monday, 21 March 2022, video conference


Digital transformation: The BMBF's ErUM-Data programme is supported by the DIGUM (Digitisation in Research on Universe and Matter) umbrella structure and the ErUM-Data Hub. The ErUM committees are represented on the Overview Board, Digitization Board and Topic Boards. Schools and workshops are organised on Deep Learning (June, July and August), Open Data (August), Software Tools (August), Machine Learning (September) and Resource Efficient Programming (October), as well as Train the Trainer workshops (March and May). Community engagement is also important in DAPHNE4NFDI and is supported by the committees.

BMBF funding programmes: The new ErUM-Pro projects are scheduled to start on 01.07.2022. Notifications are not expected to be sent out before May. Project leaders can contact the project management organisation at any time to discuss options for the respective projects. In the Röntgen-Ångström cluster, the 4-year projects will start on 01.04.2022. In ErUM-Data, the full proposals are currently being reviewed. Project start is planned for 01.11.2022.

Reports from the centres: At the ILL, a new neutron guide (H24) with new instruments and components is being built. At MLZ, operation is now planned without cold neutrons at all instruments. The schedule for the East Hall is being maintained. An instrument upgrade programme to renew and improve instruments at MLZ is being developed. MLZ is open to international collaborations. The new ESS baseline foresees user operations from the end of 2027. Construction progress is good, including on the first instruments and in the target area. The second instrument call is targeted for the autumn. In October, the ESS and ILL European Users Meeting will take place in Lund. The former RACIRI Summer School is planned to take place as RÅC International Summer School 2022 in Varberg (Sweden) from 14 to 21 August 2022.

KFN Neutron Strategy Brochure in English: The translation of the KFN Neutron Strategy Brochure is published on the KFN website.

Transfer: The exchange between science and industry is an important aspect of research with neutrons, synchrotron radiation, and ions. There is a new page for this on the SNI portal. The KFN will be represented at the KFS Transfer Workshop at the end of April.

SNI2022 in Berlin: The call for abstracts for SNI2022 is open - with a deadline of 24 April 2022. There are 14 sessions (7 parallel, 7 microsymposia).

KFN awards: The call for nominations for KFN awards is open with deadline at the end of May. The instrumentation prize is new. All neutron applications will be considered.

Dates: The next KFN meetings are scheduled for 20.06.2022, 04.09.2022 and 13.12.2022.


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