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104. KFN meeting

German Committee Research with Neutrons


Monday, 20 June 2022, video conference

Digital transformation: There are many activites in the DIGUM (Digitization in Research on Universe and Matter) umbrella structure of the BMBF ErUM-Data programme and the ErUM-Data Hub. A survey is being prepared in the topic "Big Data Analytics". At European level, there are activities in the PANOSC/ExPaNDS and LENS environment. In the DAPHNE4NFDI project, important topics such as the standardisation of analysis software and data acquisition, metadata storage and archiving are being tested. A workshop on tools, services and synergies between physics consortia and others took place in April. The connection with ErUM-Data is also important, and joint events such as a planned workshop on 26.09.2022 (tbc) will help.

BMBF funding programmes: The new ErUM-Pro projects will start on 01 October 2022. ErUM-Pro funding of projects should be made more visible. Funding in the Röntgen-Ångström cluster started on 01 April 2022. In ErUM-Data, the review process is ongoing. The projects are to start on 01 April 2023.

Reports from the facilities: At the MLZ, work is proceeding at full speed to make neutrons available again as soon as possible. The instrumentation programme will be updated. The Jülich Neutron School and the Matrac School are planned for the autumn. In the GNeuS project, 15 postdocs will start in autumn in cooperation with the MLZ partners and industrial companies. At the ILL, user operations are scheduled to restart in January. Due to the upgrades, almost twice as many experiments will then be possible in the same time. In September, the ILL PhD programme will start again and a small postdoc programme is also planned. The construction of the ESS is going well, with great progress on the structural components and the instruments. The Memorandum of Understanding between ILL and ESS has been extended. New collaboration projects between ILL and ESS are planned. Within the framework of the European Laboratory of Neutron Science of LENS, personnel will be exchanged between the European neutron sources.

HBS: In May, a workshop on the instrumentation of the High Brilliance Source (HBS) which is planned at FZ Jülich took place in Garching. It offered concrete, promising information about possible experiments at the HBS. KFN supports the new technology, which can help to meet the demand for neutron measurement possibilities.

Transfer: The exchange between science and industry is an important aspect of research with neutrons, synchrotron radiation and ions. The KFN was represented at a trialogue discussion of the BMBF on the topic of transfer.

SNI2022 in Berlin: The call for abstracts of the SNI2022 is still open until 10 July 2022 for posters. This day is also the deadline for the early bird registration.

KFN Awards: The nominations for the KFN awards will be reviewed.

Research highlight: Felix Roosen-Runge will present findings on understanding the dynamics of antibodies in highly concentrated formulations, in connection with the publication "Molecular Flexibility of Antibodies Preserved Even in the Dense Phase after Macroscopic Phase Separation", A. Girelli et al, Mol. Pharmaceutics 2021, 18, 11, 4162-4169,

Dates: The next KFN meetings are scheduled for 04 September 2022 and 13 December 2022.