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105. KFN meeting (with joint KFS/KFN meeting)

Committee Research with Neutrons


Sunday, 04 September, Berlin


The participants of the joint meeting of the 12th KFS and 12th KFN on 04.09.2022 in Berlin. © L. Amelung/DESY

Joint meeting of the KFS and KFN before the 105th KFN meeting

BMBF funding programmes: ErUM project funding starts on 01.10.2022 with some exceptions, resulting in an overlap with new projects at the end of the term. The results of the review were published in the funding catalogue. The total budget is the same as three years ago. An action plan is being developed for ErUM-Transfer. The ErUM-Data projects are at the end of the review phase and are scheduled to start on 01.03.2023. Another call is planned, but the topic and timing are still open.

SNI2022: The committees will have a joint presentation to advertise the commitment of the users - as voters or candidates.

Digital Tranformation: The ErUM Data projects are intended to advance digitalisation. The ErUM-Data-HUB and the Digitalisation Board are active and the Topic Boards bring all communities together. Lisa Amelung, who is participating as a guest today, is the coordinator of DAPHNE4NFDI. In October, a joint internal workshop of ErUM-Data and DAPHNE4NFDI will take place. At the European level, the European Open Science Cloud is a project across all disciplines, i.e. for large consortia and larger infrastructures. The facility organisations LENS and LEAPS are working together.

Industry and transfer: The results of the KFS transfer workshop, at which KFN was also represented, are summarised. Centres not only provide excellent research, but are also innovation hubs. Beamline staff must be valued for their cooperation with industry.

Access to sources, TNA: KFS and KFN want to prepare a motion on Trans National Access (TNA). The trend towards Community Driven Access offers the opportunity for more effective use of measurement time and more collaboration, but is being closely monitored by both the facilites and the committees.

ErUM-Pro infrastructures: KFS and KFN propose to give more visibility to the infrastructure that has been created in ErUM-Pro on the websites of the centres and possibly also on the committee websites.

105th KFN meeting

KFN awards: Two KFN prizes will be awarded at the upcoming SNI2022.

Reports from the facilities: With Giovanna Fragneto (Scientific Director), and Andrew Kimber (Project Director), there is a new personnel start with great expertise at the ESS. The project is making good progress. This year's ESS-ILL User Meeting will take place in Lund from 05 to 07 October 2022.

HBS: KFN would like to ensure that the community is informed about opportunities for the High Brilliance Neutron Source (HBS) as a complement to ILL and FRM II. So far, an email has been sent out, also mentioning Thomas Gutberlet's talk on HBS at SNI2022.

Dates: The next KFN meetings are scheduled for 13 December 2022, 06 March and 19 June 2023.