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92. KFN meeting

German Committee Research with Neutrons

Friday, Oct. 25, 2019, Tübingen

Digital Transformation

In the currently running call of the DFG, the neutron and synchrotron user communities submitted a joint proposal for the NFDI consortium "DAta from PHoton and Neutron Experiments" in mid-October. The summary of the application can be found on the KFN website at

For the planned BMBF action plan ErUM-Data, the strategy paper was submitted in May. In 2020, the dialogue is to take place, followed by the call for proposals in autumn. The planned start of funding is 2021.

The strategy paper envisages an umbrella organisation. A proposal for the organisational structure and guidelines of this umbrella organisation "DigUM" has been submitted and is being discussed by KFN.


The German Neutron Scattering Conference is scheduled to take place directly after the user meeting at the MLZ in mid-December 2020.


There was positive feedback on the KFN's open letter concerning the use of FRM II ( The first of three cycles is scheduled to begin at the MLZ in mid-January. The construction of the East Hall is going according to plan.


The scientific use of BER II will end on Dec. 11, 2019 at 14:00. All planned experiments will take place until then. All instruments in user operation and operated with cooperation partners are running with great commitment from the instrument managers. The HZB user meeting will take place from Dec. 04 to 06, 2019. December 4 is Neutron Day, at which KFN will also be present. In addition, there will be a large event in January and various internal events.

The status of the HZB instruments with regard to their future use at other neutron sources varies, e.g. to the Maria reactor in Otwock-Swierk (Poland). A strong centre for neutron diffraction is being built there. The DGK annual meeting 2020 in Wrocław (Poland) is a good opportunity to establish contacts and promote neutron experiments.

In a transition phase, the knowledge will be handed over together with the instruments. For example, those responsible for the tomography instrument CONRAD II will support the establishment of tomography at ILL. In general, HZB scientists using neutron methods are still interested in beam time at other neutron sources.


A restructuring is being carried out at the ESS. The construction is 61% complete. At the moment, the focus is on the Target building. The shell for the office building is in place and a large part of the e-halls is finished. The DMSC server room in Copenhagen is also finished. The planning is for "beam on target" in 2022, and "First Science" in 2023. The next joint user meeting of ESS and ILL will take place in Lund from Sept. 23-25, 2020.


At ILL, the third cycle begins next week, and there will be two cycles in 2020. The sixth protocol with a duration until 2033 is being prepared. The endurance project will continue until 2023/24.

KFN is discussing ways to achieve sufficient beam time despite necessary work on the sources and instruments.

KFN-Wahl 2020

The election for the 12th KFN is to take place in September 2020. A joint meeting of the 11th and 12th committees is planned on the sidelines of DN2020 in Garching.

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