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94. KFN meeting

Committee Research with Neutrons


Tuesday, July 14, video conference

Digital transformation

The publication of the ErUM-Data action plan and a first ErUM-Data funding guideline is planned for 2020, but the final decision in the BMBF is still pending. The conditions for the projects will be defined more precisely by the action plan. An important element of the measure is its interdisciplinary character and the desired networking of relevant actors.

The NFDI project DAPHNE (DAta for PHoton and Neutron Experiments) was evaluated in December 2019. Despite a very good evaluation, it was not funded, so preparations are now underway to submit a new application in autumn.

For the resumption of operations at the MLZ, remote access was developed, a concept elaborated and on-site arrangements made. Nevertheless, operation under hygienc measures is a challenge. The new technical director of FRM II since July 1, 2020 is Mr. Pichlmaier.


Despite COVID-19, the construction of the ESS is progressing, albeit at a slower pace. An updated timetable can be expected in autumn, when sufficient information will be available. Until the end of August most of the ESS staff will be in the home office. In spring 2021 the new office buildings and workshops should be occupied as planned.

There has been a call for COVID-19 research, where ESS has made its deuteration activities available. Some promising projects are underway in cooperation with MAX IV in Lund and with LENS partners.

The planning for First Science is underway. The ESS-ILL User Meeting, which will take place as a digital conference from Sept. 23 to 25, 2020, will also contribute to this. At the meeting, four sessions with plenary lectures and a panel discussion on the last day are planned. Instead of parallel sessions there will be topical workshops as digital conferences.  

The planning of the first instruments is unchanged: ODIN, DREAM and LoKI will be the first instruments at the start of the source (Beam on Target), followed shortly after by BEER, CSPEC, BIFROST, ESTIA and MAGIC.

DN2020 and Wolfram-Prandl-Prize

The German Neutron Scattering Conference will take place on site in Garching as far as possible. The deadline for abstracts is 01. August 2020, see At the DN2020, the Wolfram-Prandl-Prize will be awarded, for which KFN has received excellent nominations.

KFN election 2020

The KFN adds to the existing list of candidates for the election of the 12th KFN in October 2020.


In ErUM-Pro (former joint research) many projects are affected by the corona pandemic. There will be no general prolongation and shifting of funds. Project leaders should contact the project management organisation directly and necessary adjustments will be decided on a case-by-case basis. The PT website provides information on how to deal with the pandemic in project funding: For example, cancellation costs may be eligible for funding.

The next call for proposals for ErUM-Pro is scheduled to follow at the end of 2021. In the Röntgen-Ångström cluster, the next call for proposals will probably be in 2021.

Strategy paper

Central contents of the planned KFN strategy paper are discussed and tasks are distributed.


The next video conference of the KFN will take place on July 30, 2020.

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