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97. KFN meeting

German Committee Research with Neutrons


Wednesday, Dec. 2, 2020, video conference

Constituent meeting of the 12th KFN


Digital Transformation

Together with the photon community, the application for the project "DAPHNE4NFDI" (DAta for PHoton and Neutron Experiments) is being submitted. Even broader cooperation underlies the ARIE position paper (, which was completed this autumn. The different ErUM committees have worked intensively together in the preparation of the ErUM Data Action Plan, and now the preparation of the call, which is expected in early 2021, continues. For project proposals, cooperation with the other ErUM user communities is important, as is the participation of experts from informatics, industry and other relevant fields.

Collaborative research

In ErUM-Pro, a strategy meeting is expected in spring 2021. Project proposals should be realistic and follow the spirit of the process. Projects on preparatory developments for the ESS are welcome.

Constitution of the 12th KFN

Prof. Dr. Frank Schreiber (Univ. Tübingen) is elected as chair of the 12th KFN, Prof. Dr. Susan Schorr (HZB) is elected as deputy chair.

The KFN members thank Dr. Astrid Schneidewind for her extraordinary commitment as chairperson of the 11th KFN.

Strategy paper

The 11th KFN will finalise the strategy paper as a pdf file by DN2020. Then the official handover of business to the 12th KFN will also take place then.



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