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98. KFN meeting

German Committee Research with Neutrons


Tuesday, January 19, 2021, video conference

Cooptations: The KFN co-opts two further members: Dr Tobias Richter (ESS) and Prof. Dr Felix Roosen-Runge (University of Malmö).

Departments: Responsibilities are assigned as follows:

- Digital Transformation: Susan Schorr and Tobias Richter
- Instrumentation: Markus Braden and Thomas Keller
- Public Relations: Mirijam Zobel and Holger Kohlmann
- Young talent: Felix Roosen-Runge and Nathalie Kunkel

ErUM-Pro: In ErUM-Pro, half of the term of the current projects has been reached and the next period is being prepared. A prisma strategy meeting is to take place in spring as an online event. The call for proposals is still expected in 2021 with funding starting in July 2022.

RAC: In the Röntgen-Ångström Cluster, the next call for proposals is expected in March 2021 for collaborative projects with at least one German and Swedish partner on life and material sciences. As before, it will be important on the German side to further develop instruments or methods.

ErUM-Data: In ErUM-Data, the federal directive is to be published in spring 2021. A two-stage procedure is planned, in which outlines will first be collected. ErUM researchers will have funding available for transdisciplinary collaborations involving stakeholders from mathematics, computer science or other data sciences. The timeline calls for submission of full proposals in the third quarter, and funding from 2022. In terms of content, the call focuses on software and algorithms, in this case artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Reports from the centres:

MLZ: Martin Müller has been HGF Director of the MLZ and spokesperson for the MLZ Directorate since the beginning of the year. The MLZ is on the basis of a new cooperation agreement. The three MLZ partners continue to work on the vision of "One MLZ". The MLZ User Committee is newly elected and the User Meeting in December 2020 was a successfull online event with nice highlights and a successful joint poster session with DN2020. The next MLZ conference "Neutrons for Life" is planned to take place in June 2021 as an online event, see

HZG: The HZG is involved in the HBS initiative of the FZ Jülich, which is now entering the next round. Great importance is attached to the concept for the decentralised basic supply of neutrons for research.

ILL: On January 27, 2021, the next cycle will begin at ILL with few users on site due to corona. The second cycle in 2021 is planned for the summer and the third for the autumn, after which there will be a long shutdown.

ESS: The construction of the ESS is progressing well within the difficult boundary conditions. Staff are scheduled to move into the recently handed over office buildings by March. A European LENS landscape/vision document is being developed as part of the EU BrightnESS2 project. KFN is involved through ENSA.

Young researchers: On-site measurements are especially important for doctoral students, and the centres are aware of this. However, a problem is often the travel restriction of the home countries of the users.

Dates: It is decided to meet about every three months for a video conference and to plan for the whole coming year.



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