KFN newsletters

About once a months, an email with the latest news from the neutron community is sent to the members of the mailing list. These emails are written in German and English.

30 years KFN, Digital Agenda, RAC newsletter, deadlines and Season's greetings (Dec. 19, 2018)
KFN newsletter on Dec. 19, 2018
[kfn-info] Call for Abstracts DN2020 (1. August 2020)
KFN email newsletter on July 01, 2020
[kfn-info] Call for nomination for the Wolfram Prandl-Prize etc
KFN email newsletter on May 6, 2020
[kfn-info] Call for registration for KFN, DAPHNE and RACIRI
KFN email newsletter on June 22, 2020
[kfn-info] Call for upload of publications for AI-analysis of neutron research in Europe
KFN email newsletter on June 10, 2020
[kfn-info] Data management, Neutron Instrumentation and Innovation Award, RACIRI, LENS and deadlines (April 5, 2019)
KFN newsletter from April 5, 2019
[kfn-info] Digital Agenda, MLZ, ECNS, ENSA, RACIRI and deadlines (Jan. 24, 2019)
KFN email newsletter on Jan. 24, 2019
[kfn-info] DN2020: Abstract deadline extended to August 15!
KFN email newsletter on August 1, 2020
[kfn-info] DN2020: Two weeks to go for abstracts!
KFN email newsletter on July 20, 2020
[kfn-info] Fighting COVID-19 with synchrotron radiation and neutrons
KFS email newsletter on April 2, 2020
[kfn-info] Förderprogramm (18.03.2019)
KFN newsletter on March 18, 2019
[kfn-info] Good News from MLZ
KFN email newsletter on Dec. 19, 2019
[kfn-info] Insight into research, contacts and Baltic beaches: RACIRI Summer School 2019, Application deadline is on May 10, 2019 (May 2, 2019)
KFN newsletter from May 2, 2019
[kfn-info] MLZ proposal deadline 27.03., DN2020, RACIRI and BARI
KFN email newsletter in March 26, 2020
[kfn-info] National research data infrastructure (NFDI) call for participation
KFN email newsletter on August 08, 2019
[kfn-info] Neutron and digitalisation / Prizes announced / JCNS Workshop 2019 / Kjeller
KFN newsletter from May 24, 2019
[kfn-info] News from KFN and deadlines
Email newsletter from KFN on Nov. 06, 2019
[kfn-info] Open letter on FRM II, RAC call, obituaries, news from instruments, beamtime proposals
KFN email newsletter on July 30, 2010
[kfn-info] Reminder: Call for Wolfram-Prandl-prize nominations until the end of May
KFN email newsletter on May 26, 2020
[kfn-info] Submit your abstract for the German Neutron Scattering Conference until Saturday!
KFN email newsletter on August 12, 2020
[kfn-info] Summer planning and other dates (Feb. 27, 2019)
KFN email newsletter on Feb. 27, 2019
[kfn-info] The German Research Foundation (DFG) calls for proposals on quality management of research software by sustainable usability
E-Mail newsletter from KFN on June 26, 2019
[kfn-info] User Meetings, Proposal Deadlines, PhD Programmes and Digital Transformation
KFN email newsletter on September 11, 2019
[kfn-info] Workshop on Digital Transformation: Register until June 7, 2019!
KFN email newsletter on June 4, 2019
BMBF call, ILL PhD stipends, Wolfram-Prandl-Prize to Felix Roosen-Runge (Sept. 27, 2018)
KFN newsletter from Sept. 27, 2018
Call for neutron articles / MATRAC 2 Winter School 2017 (Nov. 29, 2016)
KFN newletter from Nov. 29, 2016
Recapitulation DN2016 and deadlines (October 11, 2016)
KFN-newsletter from October 11, 2016