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[kfn-info] High Brilliance Neutron Source

KFN email newsletter on 18 August 2022


Dear colleagues,

The development of the neutron scattering landscape over the last years was accompanied by the closure of several reactor-based neutron sources. To counteract this loss of neutron sources and to provide neutron users with long-term access to neutrons, a novel concept for low-energy accelerator-based neutron sources has been developed.

In Germany, preliminary conceptual work for a source called "High Brilliance Neutron Source" (HBS) has been underway for several years, for which a test setup of a target unit is currently taking place in Jülich. Neutron production is instrument- or method-specific, matching the respective requirements for energy and resolution. Therefore, on some instruments of such an HBS, instrument-specific moderators can be used to achieve a brilliance and thus performance comparable to that of FRM II.

At the SNI2022 meeting in Berlin (, Dr. Thomas Gutberlet, JCNS-2, will present the HBS project and the neutron source in a talk on Tuesday, 6 Sept, 13:45-14:00, in the session "Methods & Instrument Development 2".

We encourage all interested parties to come and learn more about this promising new way of neutron generation.

Neutron sources need a medium- to long-term future perspective on a national level, which we as KFN see in the development and implementation of such novel concepts as the HBS.

This HBS should therefore not be seen as a competitor to the operation of FRM II, but rather as the long-term future perspective on a national level and complementary to the current construction of the European Spallation Source (ESS) in Lund, Sweden.

Throughout Europe, the initiatives for low-energy accelerator-based neutron sources are supported by the ELENA consortium ( and LENS (League of advanced European Neutron Sources). The corresponding position paper can be found here:

Further information including the Conceptual Design Report on HBS can be found here:

A Technical Design Report is in progress.

If you have any questions about the HBS, please do not hesitate to contact both the JCNS-2 and KFN.

With kind regards

Mirijam Zobel and Holger Kohlmann, KFN department public relations

P.S.: If you have not yet registered for SNI2022, you can still do so until 21 August 2022 at

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