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[kfn-info] Neutron Imaging, corona research, ErUM-Data networking and new KFN members

KFN email newsletter on Feb. 24, 2021


Dear friends of neutron research,

New members and distribution of tasks in the KFN

The KFN has coopted additional members, who broaden the research spectrum of the board. We are pleased to welcome Tobias Richter (ESS) and Felix Roosen-Runge (Malmö University).

The KFN departments are now filled as follows, see also

•    Digital Transformation: Susan Schorr and Tobias Richter
•    Infrastructure and Instrumentation: Markus Braden and Thomas Keller
•    Public Relations: Mirijam Zobel and Holger Kohlmann
•    Young researchers: Felix Roosen-Runge

Making corona research public

The Coronavirus Structural Task Force is interested in corona reseach, in particular those which use neutrons or synchrotron radiation, including FELs. If you have such a project or know of such a project, please let them know! The adress is

The Coronavirus Structural Task Force is also looking for corona researchers who are intersted in writing about their science in their blog in order to let the general or scientific public know about their projects. The KFN supports this initiative, which aims to shed light on various aspects of the pandemic.

ErUM-Data exchange platform now online

The BMBF published the "Aktionsplan ErUM-Data - from Big Data to Smart Data" in November 2020. The aim of the action plan is to exploit the full potential of digital solutions in fundamental research to enable excellent research in the future and to meet our social challenges at the same time. The first focus area is expected to be "Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning" and a funding call is likely to go out in Q1 2021.

The Editorial Board ErUM-Data-Hub has created an indico page to facilitate partnerships for this area and future focus areas. The platform is ready for use and can be found at:
It uses the conference software Indico to facilitate an exchange. Expressions of interest can be entered in the form of abstracts and, at the same time, the contributions of other researchers can be searched as at a regular conference. In the menu, you will find an FAQ section as an aid.

This site is an initiative of community members on a voluntary basis to find potential partners. Participation is no requirement to apply for funding.

Special Issue "Recent Advances in Neutron Imaging"

You are invited to submit a contribution to a special issue on recent advances on neutron imaging in the journal Applied Sciences by May 31, 2021. It presents new and important results using neutron imaging, reflecting many important areas of research activities in different scientific fields. Welcome are review articles, results of interdisciplinary research, as well as the latest research results from various disciplines, carried out with neutron imaging, which appeal to a broad audience.

Martin Müller is new MLZ director

Since January, Martin Müller has been the new director at the Heinz Maier-Leibnitz Zentrum (MLZ), succeeding Stephan Förster in the role. A materials physicist, he now represents the Helmholtz partners Forschungszentrum Jülich (FZJ) and Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht (HZG) in the Scientific Directorate of the MLZ. By rotation, Martin Müller will also be the spokesman of the directorate for a period of two years. Martin Müller has been involved in the KFN for a long time; he has represented the HZG in this body since 2016, and now also the MLZ. 

Yours sincerely,

Frank Schreiber, KFN chair
Susan Schorr, KFN vice chair
Tobias Richter, KFN department digital transformation
Karin Griewatsch, KFN PR

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