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[kfn-info] New KFN chair, data projects, call for highlights and Prandl-prize

KFN email newsletter on December 22, 2020

Dear colleagues,

KFN chair elected

The members of the 12th Committee Research with Neutrons have elected Frank Schreiber as chair and Susan Schorr as vice chair of the new KFN. At DN2020, Astrid Schneidewind officially handed over the chairmanship to Frank Schreiber
on Decmeber 10, 2020, and wished the new KFN every success. Frank Schreiber in his turn thanked Astrid Schneidewind, Markus Braden and the other KFN members for their commitment to research with neutrons. The new committee will
continue the dialogue between all stakeholders involved.

Cooperation with the KFS

In recent years, a close collaboration has developed with the Committee Research with Synchrotron Radiation (KFS), especially for the digital transformation. The KFS was also newly elected, and the new chairs are Jan-Dierk Grunwaldt (KIT) and Sarah Köster (University of Göttingen).

Committee brochures

Both committees have published their recommendations and the respective science case this year in brochures, which you can find on the websites:

KFN: Neutron Research in Germany for Science and Society  (so far in German only)

KFS: Research with Photons - Light for the Future

Preparation of the BMBF call on overarching digitalisation projects

On January 18 and 19 2021, a webinar on the preparation of the BMBF's ErUM-Data call will take place (18.01.21 14:00-17:30, 19.01.21 09:00-11:30). Project proposals on the two focal areas of machine learning and AI must be
prepared in good time, not least because overarching and interdisciplinary networks are to be formed. The project goals should involve several communities and include researchers from the fields of mathematics and computer science. Beamline or experiment-specific software will continue to be funded through ErUM-Pro. Please register until January 17, 2021, at:

Request for highlights from research

At the beginning of next year, the KFN will prepare its recommendations for the next BMBF "collaborative research round" (ErUM-Pro) in 2021. For this purpose, we ask you to send us scientific highlights from previous BMBF
projects, which can be published on the KFN homepage and can be included in the strategy discussion. We envisage a half-page text with an illustration, or a finished press release. Please send them by January 18, 2021 to Karin

DN2020 review

A total of 400 participants at the German Neutron Scattering Conference (DN2020, online conference 09.-10.12.2020) had lively discussions about method and instrument developments and findings ranging from basic mechanisms to
technical applications and innovations that were only made possible by neutron experiments. The joint poster session with the MLZ User Meeting was a great success with almost 160 posters and lively discussions despite the online format.

Wolfram Prandl Prize 2020 goes to Sabrina Disch

Dr. Sabrina Disch (University of Cologne) was awarded the Wolfram-Prandl-Prize for young scientists in the field of research with neutrons at the DN2020 for outstanding research results in understanding the structure, spin structure
and spin dynamics of magnetic nanoparticles, their self-organisation and the structures that form in the process, achieved with innovative neutron scattering methods. The KFN congratulates on this award!

Christmas greetings

The KFN wishes you a Merry Christmas and a happy, successful and above all healthy New Year!

Yours sincerely

Frank Schreiber, KFN chair
Susan Schorr, KFN vice chair
Karin Griewatsch, KFN PR


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