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[kfn-info] User Meetings, Proposal Deadlines, PhD Programmes and Digital Transformation

KFN email newsletter on September 11, 2019


Dear neutron users,

autumn is coming, and here is our monthly email newsletter with inforamtion from KFN and research with neutrons.

>>>Proposal deadlines

The MLZ has published the Grobrahmenplan. The Director's board expects that the next cycle will start in January 2020. Therefore, the next call for proposals is approaching - already on Friday 13, 2019. Proposal deadlines at other facilities are:

- Sept. 13: MLZ
- Sept. 16: ILL
- Sept. 16: ANSTO
- Sept. 18: SNS
- Sept. 30: CERIC-ERIC (Experts)
- Oct. 16: ISIS

>>>User Meetings (Deadlines: Sept. 15, Oct. 25 and Nov. 16, 2019)

There will be user meetings in Decemeber - first in Berlin, where the neutron day on Dec. 4, 2019 will end with the "BER II Farewell Party" in Wannsee (registration until Nov. 16, 2019), see

In Garching, the MLZ user meeting will take place on Dec. 10 and 11, 2019. All MLZ users and those who would like to become MLZ users are ivited. Starting around lunchtime, the first afternoon will be dedicated to specialised workshops organised by our Science Groups, while the second day will be divided between plenary talks in the morning and a poster session in the afternoon. The abstract deadline is on September 15, 2019. Registration runs until October 25, 2019.

>>>PhD programmes at ILL

The ILL is currently inviting proposals for PhD projects in the nominal annual call (until Oct. 18) and in the call for InnovaXN PhD proposals within the COFUND programme (until Sept. 30), which requires an industrial partner to be engaged. InnovaXN will support in total 40 fully-funded PhD studentships at ILL and ESRF. In the regular call, a student candidate may be proposed for the submitted PhD project. The InnovaXN programme will recruit students in February 2020 and the projects will start in September 2020.

>>>Digital Transformation

The KFN is still engaged in digital transformation. The proposal for the NFDI consortium DAPHNE (DAta for PHoton and Neutron Experiments, see is under way, and in ErUM-Data, the structures for a continuous cooperation are being established.


With kind regards,

Astrid Schneidewind, KFN chair
Karin Griewatsch, KFN PR and webmaster


Overview of deadlines and events in the next month (see also

13.09.2019: Frist für Messzeitanträge MLZ, Garching

15.09.2019: Frist für Abstracts zum MLZ Nutzertreffen, 10.-11.12.2019, Garching

15.09.2019: Anmeldefrist für 23rd meeting of the International Collaboration on Advanced Neutron Sources (ICANS XXIII), 13.-18.10.2019, Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA

15.09.2019: Frist für Abstracts zu 3rd Asia-Oceania Conference on Neutron Scattering (AOCNS2019), 16.-21.11.2019, Ken-Ting National Park, Taiwan

16.09.2019: Frist für Messzeitanträge ANSTO, Sydney, Australien

16.09.2019: Frist für Messzeitanträge ILL, Grenoble, Frankreich

18.09.2019: Frist für Messzeitanträge SNS, Oak Ridge, TN, USA

30.09.2019: Frist für Abstracts und Anmeldung zu Topology in Magnetism: Theory meets Experiments, 22.-24.10.2019, La Plata, Argenitinien

30.09.2019: Frist für Messzeitanträge CERIC-ERIC (für Experten), Triest, Italien

30.09.2019: Frist für Vorschläge für Promotionsprojekte am ILL (InnovaXN), Grenoble, Frankreich

06.10.2019: Frist für Abstracts zu Bilayers at the ILL 2019, 11.-13.12.2019, Grenoble, Frankreich

16.10.2019: Frist für Messzeitanträge ISIS, Didcot, UK

18.10.2019: Frist für Vorschläge für Promotionsprojekte am ILL, Grenoble, Frankreich

25.10.2019: Anmeldefrist für MLZ Nutzertreffen, 10.-11.12.2019, Garching

01.11.2019: Frist für Abstracts zu Joint Polish-German Crystallographic Meeting 2020, 23.-27.02.2020, Wrocław, Polen

04.11.2019: Frist für Poster-Abstracts und günstigere Anmeldung zu Bilayers at the ILL 2019, 11.-13.12.2019, Grenoble, Frankreich
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