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[kfn-info] Workshop on Digital Transformation: Register until June 7, 2019!

KFN email newsletter on June 4, 2019


Dear colleagues,

The "Challenges and Opportunities of Digital Transformation in Fundamental Research with Photons and Neutrons" workshop will be held in Hamburg on June 13 and 14. This lunch to lunch meeting is jointly organized by the KFN and KFS so that we can prepare as a community for the future and the coming funding round. We aim to bring the neutron and photon communities together and prepare for the forthcoming BMBF ErUM DATA call. In this call we expect substantial funding for the following topics

- Federated Infrastructures
- Big Data Analytics
- Research data
- User interface
- Knowledge distribution

We plan to have a series of talks and interactive discussions in preparation. There will be a poster session on the Thursday evening where you or your colleagues can present current or planned activities in this area.

We would be delighted if you join us. Register until June 7, 2019 at:

Astrid Schneidewind and Klaudia Hradil for KFN

Bridget Murphy and Christian Gutt for KFS

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