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[kfn-waehler] KFN: Wie kann ich wählen? / How to vote

KFN email newsletter on October 27, 2020

Dear KFN voters,

after a certain delay, the election for the new Committee Research with
Neutrons (KFN) is now starting, and we are counting on you!

IMPORTANT: This afternoon, you will receive an e-mail from
(POLYAS Online-Wahlen) with the subject "KFN-Wahleinladung / KFN election

The election will be carried out with the software of the company Polyas,
which allows batch sending of the access data (voter ID and password) only
once, so this email is absolutely necessary for voting. Please look into your
spam folder if you cannot find the email. If you have not received this email
by tomorrow, please contact, we can send you the access
data individually.

The election runs until 17 November 2020, when the seven candidates with the
highest number of votes will belong to the new Committee Research with
Neutrons. Every vote strengthens the weight of the neutron community in the
German research landscape!

Therefore, do not postpone the election, but choose at once the three
candidates you would like to support and then vote:

With kind regards,

Karin Griewatsch, KFN PR
Astrid Schneidewind, KFN chair

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