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[kfn-info] Online donation call for Navid Qureshi

KFN email newsletter on November 16, 2020


Dear friends of neutron research,

Navid Qureshi is a scientist at the ILL, who not only actively supports numerous experiments, but has also created a new analysis tool for the treatment of magnetic structures, mag2pol. With his studies in Darmstadt, his doctorate at the ILL and his postdoctoral and research periods in Germany and Spain, he is a perfect representative of the European network of neutron scattering.

Now Navid is seriously ill with leukemia and urgently needs a bone marrow donation. Unfortunately, the search for a suitable donor is complicated by Navid's French-Pakistani origin. We would therefore like to strongly support Navid's request to register as a potential donor, see

With kind regards,
Astrid Schneidewind and Markus Braden

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