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The first Neutron Research Instrumentation Award goes to Dr Artur Glavic

The KFN Instrumentation Prize was awarded for the first time in 2022 for outstanding work that leads to method development or significant improvements in neutron-based instruments

Dr. Artur Glavic (PSI) receives the KFN Instrumentation Prize 2022. (photo: Mahir Dzambegovic/Paul Scherrer Institute)

Dr. Artur Glavic (PSI) is the winner of the Instrumentation Prize Neutron Research 2022 for young scientists, which was awarded by the Committee Research with Neutrons (KFN) at SNI2022 on 07 September 2022. Dr. Artur Glavic receives the 2500 euro prize for his significant contribution to the development and construction of novel neutron reflectometers.

Artur Glavic made his PhD thesis at RWTH Aachen on Multiferroicity in oxide thin films and heterostructures. He then worked as instrument scientist at the Magnetism Reflectometer at SNS in Oak Ridge. Returning to Europe, he was appointed as PSI lead scientist responsible for the design and development of the time-of-flight neutron reflectometer ESTIA at ESS.

ESTIA promises to speed up reflectometry experiments by orders of magnitude, enabling in operando and real-time experiments with samples as small as 1 mm2. The employed Selene focusing neutron optics requires however very accurate alignment of the neutron supermirrors (60 µm over 24 meters distance). Artur Glavic developed together with Sven Schütz a technical solution to this challenge and tests already confirmed that the proverbial Swiss precision is indeed achieved.

Artur Glavic did not stop with ESTIA, but developed also concepts of two other neutron instruments, the magnetic reflectometer M-STAR for the second target station at SNS, and the HEKATE surface scattering instrument for a future extension of the ESS suite.

In parallel, Artur Glavic also developed complementary software such as the GenX data analysis package for neutron and X-ray reflectometry experiments and the ORSO online database of materials properties for reflectometry experiments.

The Committee Research with Neutrons represents all scientists in the Federal Republic of Germany who work with neutrons or who are close to research using neutrons. It consists of seven members and permanent guests. The permanent guests are representatives of neutron research sources and representatives of the project agency DESY and the BMBF. The aim is to promote neutron research. With this prize, the KFN would like to emphasise the importance of methodological developments and encourage the prize winners to continue their careers in this direction.