Access to neutrons

Modalities for access of neutron instruments at neutron sources in Germany and Europe


Since the demand for neutron experiments exceeds the supply at the research facilites, the access to instruments is subject to a peer-review selection process. Users have to submit proposals for the planned experiments which will be reviewed by an expert panel. Measurement time is allocated to the users on the basis of the expert assessments.

In Germany, there are two neutron sources (BER II at HZB until the end of 2019 and FRM II at TU München) and two user platforms which are successors of the former neutron sources at FZJ and HZG. These are the Jülich Centre for Neutron Science (JCNS) and the German Engineering Materials Science Centre (GEMS).

In Europe, these are the most important user facilities with proposal systems (sources in parentheses):

Germany: GEMS (FRM II and DESY), HZB (BER II), JCNS (FRM II) and TU München (FRM II)
France: ILL (HFR) (with German partnership)
Switzerland: PSI (SINQ)
Great Britain: STFC (ISIS)

At GEMS, proosals can be submitted any time. All other facilities or user platforms publish two deadlines per year, see deadlines.

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