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E-neutrons: an e-learning platform for neutron scattering

An outgoing e-learning platform for neutron scattering with courses, science cases and textbook-material

Screenshot of the frontpage

The e-neutrons platform features introductory courses in neutron scattering and muon spin spectroscopy. The courses contain a varied selection of interactive learning material using three main technologies, a "WIKIbook", a Learning Management System (LMS) and a web simulator for the McStas neutron instrument simulation program, allowing users to perform virtual neutron scattering experiments on predefined instruments. It aims at teachers (with an own course on how to create your own course on this platform) and students and it was be further developed. It was part of the NMI3-II / GA no. 283883 and SINE2020 / GA no. 654000 EU projects.

The new platform has been launched at, sponsored by the PaNOSC / GA no. 823852 and ExPaNDS / GA no. 857641 EU projects and hosted by the European Spallation Source.