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PaN-learning replaces e-neutrons

PaN-learning is a Photon and Neutron e-learning platform, which aims to bring free education and training to scientists and students.


PaN-Learning Logo

After many years of service, the website will be taken out of service during second half of 2021, and further user enrolments have been disabled.

To replace, a next-generation e-learning site has been launched at, sponsored by the PaNOSC / GA no. 823852 and ExPaNDS / GA no. 857641 EU projects and hosted by the European Spallation Source.
The site is up and running and 
* like, it is free to register and free to use
* the site includes the material from plus new course additions
* is expanded to allow contributions from both the X-ray and neutron scattering communities
* has new features, such as integration with Jupyter notebooks
* will soon support login using UmbrellaID and/or other federated login mechanisms


Users have to re-register with