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Registration for the election and/or as recipient of the KFN email newsletter


All neutron users in Germany should be registered with KFN, so that they can elect the KFN every three years. The number of active users is also an indicator for the importance of neutron research in redearch policies. The KFN sends out monthly newsletters with information on calls, events etc. Anyone can subscribe to the newsletter.

All scientists working in Germany and German scientists abroad are eligible, if they work with neutrons and hold a professional qualification.

If you would like to register, please send us your data by e-mail in this form, so that the evaluation can be done by script:

Email to:
Subject: KFN-Anmeldung
Content (for automatic evaluation please use exactly this form):

I would like to register with the Committee Research with Neutrons.
Ich bitte um Registrierung beim Komitee Forschung mit Neutronen.

Titel: (e.g. Dr.)
Anrede: Herr/Frau
Institution: (e.g. University XY)
Institut: (e.g. Institute of Physics)
Land: (e.g. Deutschland)
Wahlberechtigt*: Ja/Nein
Newsletterempfang: Ja/Nein


Please contact us if you are no longer actively working with neutrons. You then have two options:

Email to:
Subject: KFN-Abmeldung
- I no longer work with neutrons and I am therefore no longer eligible to vote*. I don't want to get any email newsletters from the KFN.
- I no longer work with neutrons and I am therefore no longer eligible to vote*. Nevertheless, I still want to receive email newsletters from the KFN.

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