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Committee Research with Neutrons (KFN)

The KFN is an elected board with aim of fostering research with neutrons.

ErUM-Data call published

Guideline for the funding of collaborative projects in the thematic field of "Software and Algorithms" for the exploration of the universe and matter (ErUM) with a focus on artificial intelligence and machine learning published in (Official Part).

Application advice ErUM-Data and ErUM-Pro

Save the date: Zoom conferences for applicants

Helmut Schober and Andreas Meyer take on new tasks

KFN strategy paper: Neutron research in Germany for science and society

KFN stategy paper published, December 10, 2020 - printed version Feb. 2021

Prof. Dr. Frank Schreiber is the new KFN chair, Prof. Dr. Susan Schorr is vice chair

New chair of the KFN, Dec. 10, 2020