Hans Hofsäß

KFSI candidate 2021


HH-2021 Prof. Dr. Hans Hofsäß
II. Physikalisches Institut
Universität Göttingen
Friedrich-Hund-Platz 1
37077 Göttingen
E-Mail: hans.hofsaess@phys.uni-goettingen.de

Current research focus:

  •  Ultra-low energy implantation of 2D materials.
  • Ion beam analysis of light elements using external ion beams.
  • Development of Monte Carlo software for ion-solid interaction
  • Instrumentation for the investigation of surfaces and 2D materials with radioactive probes


This is what I would advocate for in the KFSI:

  • Support for new instrumentation at the large-scale facilities
  • Support/participation in the next ion beam meetings
  • Contribution to the provision and documentation of open source software in the field of nuclear solid state physics and ion-solid state interaction
  • Participation and assistance for KEKM meetings