Judith Reindl

KFSI candidate 2021


Reindl Juniorprof. Dr. Judith Reindl
Universität der Bundeswehr München
Institut für angewandte Physik und Messtechnik
Werner-Heisenberg-Weg 39
85579 Neubiberg

E-Mail: judith.reindl@unibw.de


Current research focus: 

  • Proton minibeam therapy
  • Interaction of ions with biological matter
  • Biodosimetry of high-LET particles


This is what I would advocate for in the KFSI:

  •  Maintaining and expanding the research infrastructure for biomedical research with protons and heavy ions.
  • Networking of young researchers in particular in the field of ion beam applications to strengthen the next generation of researchers
  • Expansion of the integration of university groups in research on large-scale facilities