Silke Merchel

KFSI candidate 2021


Merchel Universität Wien
Fakultät für Physik
Währinger Strasse 17
1090 Wien, Österreich



Current research focus:

  • Development of radiochemical methods for accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS).
  • Analytics with particle accelerators and radioisotopes (such as AMS & ion beam analytics (IBA)) in the interdisciplinary fields of archaeometry, astrophysics, geochemistry, cosmochemistry, materials science, reference materials and interaction processes of radiation with matter
  • Establishment and further development of quality assurance in accelerator-based analytics


This is what I would advocate for in the KFSI:  

  • Stronger involvement of (interdisciplinary) users and younger scientists
  • Increased communication with stakeholders on KFSI research fields focusing on societal challenges such as geohazards (e.g. earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis), climate (e.g. avalanches, landslides and other extreme events) and sustainable resource management (e.g. hydrogeology, soil erosion).