News from the world of research with nuclear probes and ion beams

Hier finden Sie die neuesten Nachrichten aus der Welt der Forschung mit mit nuklearen Sonden und Ionen. Es gibt auch eine thematisch sortierte Übersicht.

2nd Action Plan ErUM-Data Community Meeting

Action Plan ErUM-Data Community meeting

Register until January 17, 2021!

Action Plan ErUM-Data published

From Big Data to Smart Data: Digititalisation in basic scientific research

Application advice ErUM-Data and ErUM-Pro

Save the date: Zoom conferences for applicants

Big bang imitation in the laboratory

Candidates for the KFSI election 2021

Bender klein Prof. Dr. Markus Bender
Micro- and nanotechnologies, ion beam nanostructures Ingenieurwissenschaften / Angewandte Physik & Medizintechnik, Hochschule RheinMain Rüsselsheim
Breuer klein Dr. Lars Breuer Surface Physics and Materials Science Fakultät für Physik, Universität Duisburg-Essen
Dollinger klein Prof. Dr. Günther Dollinger Applied Physics and Metrology Institut für angewandte Physik und Messtechnik, Universität der Bundeswehr München
SF-44 Dr. Stefan Facsko Ion beam physics and materials research Ionenstrahlzentrum, Helmholtz-Zentrum Dresden-Rossendorf
Forstner klein Dr. Oliver Forstner Atomic and nuclear physics Institut für Optik und Quantenelektronik, Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena
Gemming klein (2) Prof. Dr. Sibylle Gemming Modelling and simulation of defects in materials Institut für Physik, Technische Universität Chemnitz
Hofsäß klein Prof. Dr. Hans Hofsäß Solid state nuclear physics, thin film physics and ion beam physics II. Physikalisches Institut, Universität Göttingen
Hugenschmidt klein Prof. Dr. Christoph Hugenschmidt Materials Science and positron reserach Physik Department und FRM II, Technische Universität München
Lupascu klein 2 Prof. Dr. Doru Lupascu

Materials Science

Institut für Materialwissenschaft, Universität Duisburg-Essen
Merchel klein Dr. Silke Merchel Isotope physics Forschungsgruppe Isotopenphysik, Universität Wien
Reindl klein Prof. Dr. Judith Reindl Biomedical Radiation Physics Institut für angewandte Physik und Messtechnik, Universität der Bundeswehr München
Severin small Dr. Daniel Severin Materials research with high-energy heavy ions BIOMAT, GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung
Wallner klein Prof. Dr. Anton Wallner Accelerator mass spectrometry and isotope research TU Dresden und HZDR

DIG-UM-Kick-Off Meeting

Online, 20 January 2022, 14 -17 p.m.

ErUM committees have published recommendataions on digital transformation

May 10 2019: Challenges and Opportunities of Digital Transformation in Fundamental Research on Universe and Matter, April 2019

ErUM-Data call published

June 7 2021: Guideline for the funding of collaborative projects in the thematic field of "Software and Algorithms" for the exploration of the universe and matter (ErUM) with a focus on artificial intelligence and machine learning published in (Official Part).

ErUM-Pro call published

25 August 2021: The BMBF has published the Directive for Funding Selected Topics in Research on Matter at Large Scale Facilities in the framework Research on the Universe and Matter - ErUM at (Amtlicher Teil).

Invitation to SNI2022 in Berlin

05-07 September 2022, FU Berlin. Registration until 21 August.

KFSI election has taken place

The new committee will constitute itself in autumn.

KFSI election in June

Election of the new Comittee Research with Nuclear Probes and Ion Beams

KFSI election result

Result of the election of the new Committee Research on Condensed Matter with Nuclear Probes and Ion Beams (2021-2024)

Mass spectrometry traces star dust

Iron-60 discovery in the Antarctic provides information on the environment of the solar system

RACIRI Summer Lecture 2021

02 August 2021: Invitiation to an online RACIRI event

Save the date: SNI2022 in Berlin

September 05-07 2022 in the FU Berlin

SNI2022: Big infrastructure, big research, big city

07 September 2022: Personal exchange on research with synchrotron radiation, neutrons and ions - finally

Summer School on environmental applications of Ion Beam Analysis (IBA) and Accelerator Mass Spectrometry (AMS)

5-7 Oct. 2022 in Florence, Italy. Application until 26 August 2022

Virtual Ion beam workshop 2021

March 24-25 2021

Workshop on Scientific Perspectives for Competence Center for KIMM (Ion Beams in Materials Research and Medicine)

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