Composition, tasks and activities of the Committee Research with Synchrotron Radiation

KFS at European XFEL

The Committee Research with Synchrotron Radiation is an elected body which represents the interest of synchrotron radiation users (including FEL) in Germany to politics and large-scale facilities. Representatives of the synchrotron facilities and the project management are guests in the KFS, faciliating the direct dialogue. Meeting are held for gathering information, discussing strategy and planning the activity of the committee. The KFS is not only active in the European User AssociationĀ ESUO and in theĀ KEKM (Commission Condensed Matter Research at Large Scale Facilities) but it is regularly consulted in a range of questions concerning research with synchrotron radiation. The KFS publishes strategic recommendations as brochures, see documents. Contact persons are in charge of different departments, and users find information on the activities of the committee on the website, e.g. email newsletters and minutes.