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Prof. Dr. Axel Rosenhahn

KFS candidate 2020


Prof. Dr. Axel Rosenhahn

Ruhr-Universität Bochum

Analytische Chemie – Biogrenzflächen

Universitätsstr. 150NC

44801 Bochum



Current research focus:

  • X-ray fluorescence analysis and coherent scattering on biological samples
  • Instrumentation and cryogenic sample environments
  • Mechanisms of action of antimicrobial and cytostatic agents
  • Biofilms and biointerfaces
  • Functional coatings for marine and medical applications


In the KFS, I would stand up for:

  • Upgrades and new instrumentation at photon sources
  • Interdisciplinary research projects and research networks
  • Communication with current and new users of synchrotron radiation sources
  • Promotion of young talents


Scientific career

since 2012

W2-Professor for Analytical Chemistry - Bio Interfaces at the Ruhr-University Bochum


Head of the group Biointerfaces & Holography at the Institute of Functional Interfaces, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology


Habilitation at the Chair of Applied Physical Chemistry at the University of Heidelberg under Prof. Dr. M. Grunze


Postdoc am Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory und an der Advanced Light Source in Berkeley, USA bei Prof. Dr. C.S. Fadley


Doctorate at the Institute for Physical Chemistry at the University of Bonn under Prof. Dr. K. Wandelt


Diploma studies in chemistry at the University of Bonn


Boards and awards


Fellow of the American Vacuum Society

since 2012

Member of the Permanent International Committee for Research on the Preservation of Materials in the Marine Environment (COIPM)


Chair of the Biointerfaces Division der American Vacuum Society