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Prof. Dr. Christian Gutt

KFS candidate 2020

Prof. Dr. Christian Gutt                                

Universität Siegen

Department Physik

Walter-Flex-Strasse 3

57072 Siegen, Germany

Telefon 0271 740 3741

Fax 0271 740 3764


Current research focus

  •  Structure and dynamics of soft and hard matter
  • Coherent X-ray diffraction at SR and XFEL sources
  • Development of methods and instruments for X-ray science
  • Use of neural networks and other ML methods for the analysis of X-ray data


In the KFS, I would stand up for:

  • Data management und Data analysis: In the last KFS we drafted new funding guidelines in the field of digititalisation in cooperation with the BMBF. In the next KFS, we want to implement and use these funding opportunities for our users. I will work towards this. In doing so, the cooperation with research facilities and other committees is also in the foreground.
  • Promotion of young researchers: In addition to excellent sources, SR and XFEL research in Germany needs a strong user community at the universities. I am committed to maintaining the special funding opportunities in Germany between universities and research facilities so that we can continue to train young scientists at the highest level.
  • Photon sources: With PETRA IV and BESSY III, the KFS is supporting the plans for the next generation of photon sources. I am committed to involving users in the design of research opportunities at the new sources and to ensuring that the sources are realized.
  • Europe: SR and XFEL research is European. In the KFS, I am committed to organizing the European user community in order to achieve greater visibility and help shape European aspects of our research, such as the European open science cloud.


Scientific career

since 2013

Professor for Solid State Physics at Siegen University


Habilitation TU Dortmund


Scientist at DESY, Photon Science


Postdoc Department Physics, UC San Diego


Assistent TU Dortmund


PhD at the CAU Kiel on neutron scattering experiments on gas hydrates


PhD student Universität Kiel


Study of Physics (Diploma) at Kiel University


Boards and awards

since 2018

Member in the SAC ESRF Grenoble


Member of the board KFS, department data management


Member in the BMBF board ErUM DATA


Member of the KFS

since 2014

Member Proposal Review ESRF and PETRA III