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Prof. Dr. Taisia Gorkhover

KFS member since 2020



Institut für Experimentalphysik
Universität Hamburg

Luruper Chaussee 149

22761 Hamburg


Current research focus:

My research is focused on ultrafast diffraction imaging and spectroscopy of nanoscale systems with soft and hard X-rays.


In the KFS, I will stand up for:

  • increasing the visibility of research with synchrotrons and FELS in our society
  • fostering diversity in our community
  • pushing for federal risk funding for innovative research with  synchrotrons and FELS
  • advertising investment into the long term success of young scientists, supported by early scientific independence and tenure-track positions


Scientific career

From 2020:

Full professor @ University of Hamburg, Germany

2017- 2020

Panofsky fellow at the Stanford PULSE Institute, SLAC, US

2014- 2017

Peter-Ewald fellow at the LAMP end station @ LCLS, SLAC, US


PhD from TU Berlin, Germany




LCLS Young Investigator Award (US)


Early Career Program Award DOE (US)
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