102. KFS meeting

Komitee Forschung mit Synchrotronstrahlung


KFS Brochure: The KFS brochure was distributed by mail. The link to the pdf file is also to be distributed. The English version is in progress.

KFS election: The 11th KFS is to be elected in an online procedure in autumn. The deadline is set at 20 October 2020. Further suggestions for candidates are collected.

Digital Agenda: Preparations are underway for the resubmission of the NFDI DAPHNE project in the autumn. For the planned umbrella organisation of the BMBF action plan ErUM-Data, a funding application is to be submitted this year together with the other participating committees.

Remote experimentats: The KFS welcomes the fact that the large-scale research facilities are back in operation after the Corona shutdown and would like to see full user operation on site again as soon as possible.

Dates: Next KFS-meeting will be held as  video conference on Monday, 07.09.2020 from 13 to 17.