106. KFS meeting

Committee Research with Snychrotron Radiation

Monday, Feb. 15, 2021, video conference


Co-optation of further members: In order to adequately represent the different scientific and interest areas of the synchrotron radiation user community in the KFS, the elected committee will be strengthened by further co-opted members. The new members of the 12. KFS are Prof. Dr. Jochen Geck (TU Dresden), Dr. Bernd Hinrichsen (BASF), Prof. Dr. Manfred Rößle (TH Lübeck) and Prof. Dr. Max Wilke (Univ. Potsdam).

ErUM-Pro: Due to the Corona pandemic, many ErUM projects (collaborative research) will not be able to achieve all set goals by the end of the term 30.06.2022. The project executing agency prefers not to grant a general prospect of extensions, but would like to end the projects on the regular date. The promoter will discuss the situation with the project leaders individually. The new funding period runs from 2022 to 2025 with an expected start date of 1.7.2022.

RAC: In the Röntgen-Ångström Cluster, the funding guideline is expected in mid-March, with a planned application deadline in May.

Preparation for BMBF strategy meeting: The planned prisma strategy meeting of the BMBF is about the preparation of the next call for proposals in ErUM-Pro. The KFS is preparing intensively for this opportunity to represent the interests of the users.

Corona research at the synchrotron: The KFS wants to illustrate the benefits of research with synchrotron radiation using the example of corona research with synchrotron radiation. A press release, a compilation of stakeholders and an exchange with the Corona Task Force are planned.

Digitale Transformation:  There was a cross community workshop on ErUM-Data in mid-January, the content of which will be used in the preparation of the funding guideline. The Editorial Board ErUM-Data-Hub has created an Indico page to facilitate partnerships in this and future thematic areas. The platform is available at: https://indico.desy.de/event/28766/

The call in ErUM-Data is expected in March, an exact date has not yet been set. After that, there will be a second workshop for the community.

ESUO: The European Synchrotron and FEL User Organisation will be transformed into a non-profit company with an office in Brussels. From Germany, four representatives with voting rights are planned in the ESUO. The KFS decides to give Hans-Georg Steinrück (Paderborn) a mandate in addition to the three existing representatives.

Reports from the facilities

BESSY/HZB: The online user meeting in December was well attended. The next user meeting is planned for 8-10 December 2021.

Due to the high incidence figures in Berlin, the HZB was in regional user mode with remote or staff-assisted access in autumn 2020. In January, user mode for external users and remote mode were suspended with the exception of Corona-relevant research. National user operation is planned from week 8 to Easter. For the measurement period from summer onwards, there is a call with a deadline of 01.03.2021. In a structural reform of the HZB, the scientific areas have been restructured, see https://www.helmholtz-berlin.de/media/media/zentrum/organigramm/hzb_organigramm_de.pdf.

DESY - PETRA III/FLASH: PETRA III ran until autumn 2020 with a lot of mail-in and remote access. Some users accepted five days of quarantine to be able to measure, others could not travel or had no samples. At the online user meeting there were almost 1500 active participants. At the moment there is a winter shutdown, at FLASH until the beginning of March, at PETRA III probably until mid-March. Then, according to the current status on the part of DESY, all users who can or are allowed to come may do so.

In March, the 29th annual meeting of the German Society for Crystallography will take place as an online event; a decision is still pending for SRI.

ESRF: At the ESRF, user operations restarted four weeks ago after the regular winter shutdown. Most experiments are carried out in remote access mode. A short regular shutdown will follow in March, after which 4 per week will be offered in User Service Mode (USM) until the summer. The guest houses have been renovated and will be fully available again within the next few weeks. The next proposal deadline is 01.03.2021.

KIT-Synchrotron: The transfer of the heavy X-ray microscope for the HIKA station as 2nd experimental station for hierarchical imaging through the hall roof to beam tube P23 at PETRA III was successful. The new lamellography station LAMINO II is currently being commissioned at the beamline IMAGE. The UFO measuring station for serial tomography generates extremely large sample and data volumes that have to be segmented with the help of artificial intelligence.

European XFEL: The operation of the European XFEL is scheduled to restart at the beginning of April for corona experiments, followed by normal operation from May. The majority of the user programme will not start again until the second half of the year.

Termine: The 107th KFS meeting will take place on Friday 26.03.2021.

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