107. KFS meeting

Committee Research with Snychrotron Radiation

Friday, March 26, 2021, video conference


KFS brochure: The English version of the brochure "Research with Photons - Light for the Future" was sent out and can be found on the KFS website, see https://www.sni-portal.de/en/files/KFS-brochure-201221-Web.pdf.

Farewell and welcome of members: The Chair said goodbye to Metin Tolan from the KFS. He thanks him for his 20 years of service and commitment to the KFS and wishes him good luck and success in his new role as President of the University of Göttingen. The newly co-opted members Dr Bernd Hinrichsen (BASF Ludwigshafen), Prof. Dr Max Wilke (Univ. Potsdam, Geology) and Prof. Dr Manfred Rößle (Univ. Lübeck, Life Sciences) briefly introduce themselves and their research activities. The fourth co-opted member, Prof. Dr. Jochen Geck (TU Dresden), is briefly introduced by the Chair.

BMBF Calls for Proposals: The ErUM-Pro funding guideline for the funding period from 2022 to 2025 is to be published in summer 2021; the application deadline is expected to be 01.11.2021. Details of the call are still being agreed. The ErUM-Data call is expected before then and the RAC call has already been published in Sweden.

Preparation for BMBF strategy meeting: The planned prisma strategy meeting of the BMBF is about the preparation of the ErUM-Pro call. The KFS is preparing intensively for this opportunity to represent the interests of the users.

Promotion of young scientists: The KFS discusses a number of measures to support young scientists. An information event on the ErUM-Pro application process is planned as a follow-up.

Digital transformation: The DAPHNE4NFDI application was very well evaluated. A final decision is expected in July. The BMBF has published the action plan "From Big Data to Smart Data". Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning is planned as the first focus. The ErUM-Data call for proposals is to be issued promptly; the applications submitted must be interdisciplinary and different from DAPHNE (see above). As a continuation of the community workshop in January 2021, there is an exchange platform to help form consortia.

Limitations due to the pandemic: The KFS has conducted an online survey among synchrotron radiation users on limitations during the COVID-19 pandemic. A very inhomogeneous picture emerges, with some being very severely affected and others experiencing little impact. The results and comments show some particular problems, e.g. for young scientists. The COVID-19 pandemic has also significantly increased the workload of the staff in the centres, for example by taking over and carrying out measurements on samples sent in. In general, the efforts and work of the synchrotron operators were appreciated and praised by the users in the survey, as were the mostly responsible actions of the users. The KFS also expressly thanks the source operators and employees for their extraordinary commitment, the development of new solutions time and again and their great support within the scope of possibilities. As a follow-up, the KFS formulates the following statement in April 2021: https://www.sni-portal.de/de/Dateien/kfs-statement-zu-den-einschraenkungen-durch-die-pandemie

Dates: The 108th KFS meeting will take place on June 2, 2021.

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