112. KFS meeting

Committee Research with Snychrotron Radiation

Tuesday, 17 May 2022, video conference


Overview: Important topics currently include transfer, the RAC Summer School, ErUM-Pro, ErUM-Data, Daphne4NFDI, the KFS press release on climate research, and SNI2022.

ErUM-Pro Materie: The assessment is completed, start date is postponed to 01 October 2022 according to the current status, applicants are welcome to contact PT DESY if they have any questions or problems.

ErUM-Data: Following review in the summer, the first funding round for the priority area "Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning" is scheduled to begin on 1 Nov. 2022, according to the current status.

RÅC: In the German-Swedish funding (RÅC) 8 collaborative projects are currently running.

ErUM Transfer: This year, the BMBF is planning an action plan on the topic of "transfer" between academic research and industry. The KFS is involved and has identified the needs of the stakeholders in a workshop.

Alternative Access Models: At the ESRF, new models of so-called "Community Access" or "Challenge Driven Access" have been established in recent years in addition to the previous procedure with individual measurement time applications. To a lesser extent, there are also Block Allocation Group proposals (BAGs) at DESY or HUBs at HZB. The KFS discusses the opportunities and possible disadvantages of community access.

ESUO: The German users are represented in the European Synchrotron and Free Electron Laser User Organization (ESUO) by four representatives. Their strategic recommendations are coordinated with the KFS.

SNI2022: Abstracts are currently being evaluated, poster abstracts can still be submitted. The Public Evening Event is intended to appeal to a broad audience in German and is therefore advertised.

Public Relations: At the beginning of May, the KFS published the press release "Synchrotron research for climate protection and energy transition" on the KFS website and in Informationsdienst Wissenschaft (idw). Now, in-depth topic pages will follow on the website, for which input is welcome.

Reports from the facilities: A major upgrade program is planned at HZB. The 2022 user meeting in early December is hybrid. Lists of teaching materials will be posted soon on the LEAPS website. At DESY, the call for LTPs and the BAG on water for PETRA III will be published in a few weeks. FLASH updates will allow measurement times again starting in late 2022. The FLASH call for the second half of 2023 will come in summer. The new wiggler at DELTA leads to good results. At the KIT Light Source, the focus is on accelerator research and applications in materials research and life sciences, among others. At the European XFEL, five years of user operation will be celebrated in autumn. In the current call (until June 22), there are LTPs for the first time. Self-seeding is becoming more and more a standard technique. The ESRF has now reached routine operation with EBS and has just handed over two new beamlines to user operation.

KFS Awards: The KFS plans to award prizes to scientists doing outstanding research with synchrotron radiation. Suitable framework conditions still have to be created for this.