98. KFS Meeting

Komitee Forschung mit Synchrotronstrahlung


Thursday, June 06. 2019, Schenefeld


KFS user survey: The results of the KFS user survey were evaluated and prepared for publication on the KFS website. This is scheduled for the end of June.

Digital Agenda: Together with the other committees of the research area, the KFS is accompanying the preparation of the new BMBF action plan ErUM-Data. Following the workshop in October 2018, the document "Challenges and Opportunities of Digital Transformation in Fundamental Research on Universe and Matter" (https://www.sni-portal.de/de/nachrichten/erum-komitees-haben-empfehlungen-zur-digitalen-transformation-vorgelegt) was prepared and, following consultation with the BMBF and agreement in all committees, was submitted to the BMBF on May 2, 2019. In return, the BMBF has emphasized the importance of cooperation between the various communities. A joint KFN and KFS workshop will be held in mid-June to prepare the first round of calls for proposals.

KFS Brochure: The status of the brochure is be presented and the further procedure is coordinated.

Reports from the centres: At BESSY the wavelength shifter which supplies the BAM measuring line with hard X-rays will be reinstalled during the shutdown in summer. Furthermore, the undulator which supplies the EMIL laboratory with hard X-rays will be overhauled so that the entire spectral range will be available from autumn onwards. The regular user operation will start after the shutdown in KW39. With the decommissioning of the neutron source BER-II, the user meeting in December (December 4-6, 2019) will be the last of the neutron users in Berlin. Deviating from the established schedule, the meeting of the neutron users will therefore take place on the first day (Wednesday, December 4) and will be rounded off with a festive event. The photon user meeting will then take place on Thursday (Dec. 5) and Friday (Dec 6). The user meeting in 2020 will take place from December 9-11 and will be a photon user meeting only, which will be complemented by workshops and other accompanying events. The date will be announced on the KFS website.

At the European XFEL, all six instruments have been in user operation for the first time. In addition, the detector development is progressing well; all systems are now installed and have been successfully used in first experiments. Some of these developments have been carried out in cooperation with national and international institutions. In July, a call for the spring of 2020 is planned.

At DESY, 30% more proposals were submitted in the last round - probably because the ESRF is currently in shutdown. Preparations for PETRA IV are underway. FLASH is also running very well. The new building for the "Center for X-Ray and Nano-Science" is under construction and on schedule. The planned "Science City Bahrenfeld" was presented in Berlin.

Wilfried Wurth: In a minute's silence, the KFS commemorates Prof. Dr. Wilfried Wurth and his achievements. He passed away unexpectedly on 9 May 2019. Mr. Wurth was the second chairman of KFS from 2008 to 2011 and the first chairman from 2011 to 2014.

ErUM and PT DESY: In the new funding period 2019- 2022 of the ErUM-Pro project funding, there was a significant increase in applications compared to the last funding period. Despite the increase in funding volume, the funding rate therefore fell, although the number of projects approved was roughly the same as in the previous funding period. The funds are distributed evenly across the fields of research with photons, neutrons, charged particles and accelerator physics.