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Fighting COVID-19 with synchrotron radiation and neutrons

KFS email newsletter on April 2, 2020


Dear friends of research with synchrotron radiation and neutrons,

We are not only affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, but research with neutrons
and synchrotron radiation makes a valuable contribution to the development of
medicines and vaccines. First results have already been published, see and other
investigations are already underway, e.g.
Studies at the research centers are currently a priority.

We would like to draw your attention to the rapid access programs for COVID-19
research of the facilities - even if you are not working in this area
yourself, you might have colleagues you could mention this to:







Postponed proposal deadline (the only one in 2020!): April 6th, 2020

At European level, LENS and LEAPS have compiled the activities on the
following websites:

With our joint email newsletter we would like to express that KFS and KFN use
and strengthen the synergies of research with synchrotron radiation and
neutrons. The cooperation of the committees has recently developed
particularly in the area of digitization. Now we also stand together in the
fight against the coronavirus.

We wish you all the best, especially health!

Astrid Schneidewind, KFN chair
Bridget Murphy, KFS chair

June 29 2021: The KFS has published a list of examples for corona research at synchrotron radiation souces at "Synchrotrons accelerate corona research"

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