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KFS brochure, experiments call for PETRA IV, around Corona

KFS email newsletter on May 19, 2020


Dear colleagues,

KFS brochure

The acting KFS has been representing your interests as a synchtron radiation user for almost three years. An important part of these efforts is the strategy process that the BMBF conducts in the framework program “Research on Universe and Matter” (ErUM) in dialogue with all involved parties. The KFS has now written down its position and recommendations. The brochure "Forschung mit Photononen - Licht für die Zukunft" highlights the broad range of the research with synchtrotron radiation, the role of infrastructure and user community, and the contributions of research with photons to the challenges of our time. So far, the brochure is only available in German, but we are working on the English version.

We thank you for many inspiring discussions over the last years - and of course for your excellent research with photons. You can request printed copies from us.

What sort of experiments do you imagine for PETRA IV?

DESY is planning the new source PETRA IV with ultra-low emittance, which is  expected to reach the physical limits in terms of smallest achievable source size of synchrotron radiation in the range of energies of about 10 keV. This unique gain in brilliance would turn PETRA IV into the ultimate X-ray microscope for the observation of chemical and physical processes from atom to visible objects on a time scale ranging from nanoseconds to hours.

Now the Technical Design Report (TDR) phase for PETRA IV starts, in which the scientific criteria for the beamlies are being defined. There is a call for scientific instrumentation until December 1, 2020.
The goal of the "PETRA IV Scientific Instrumentation" proposals is to survey the needs of the user community and to identify the experiments to be implemented at PETRA IV. The proposals will be used to develop a user-tailored PETRA IV beamline portfolio in collaboration with HZG and EMBL. There will be further workshops on this later in the year. Please feel free to contact the KFS concerning ideas or concerns regarding PETRA IV.

From now until December 1st, suggestions for experiments will be accepted here:

Around Corona

Also research is affected by the corona pandemic. The facility operators try to help their users as much as possible, e.g. by allocating cancelled beamtime later or by letting samples being sent in. Due to the delay, most calls for beamtime proposals will be modified. For PETRA III, there will not be any call in autumn (except for a few special experiments), and the calls for BESSY and ESRF will be limited. Experiments on the corona virus are ongoing and more proposals are welcome.

Overview of corona calls:

And some press releases on the topic:

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DESY begins transition to Secured Normal Operation:

Corona research at DESY:

Best wishes,
Bridget Murphy, Chair KFS (German Committee for Synchrotron Research)
Karin Griewatsch, KFS webmaster

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