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[kfs-verteiler] DIG-UM, User Meetings, Summer Schools, Software and deadlines

KFS email newsletter on 10 January 2022


Dear colleagues,

 > DIG-UM-Kick-Off Meeting, Online, 20 January 2022

We would like to draw your attention once again to the inaugural DIG-UM (Digital Transformation in the Research on Universe and Matter) event.

The digital community meeting for the foundation of the ErUM-Data umbrella organisation "DIG-UM" will take place on 20 January 2022 from 14:00 to 17:00. A festive part and a technical part on perspectives of digital transformation in ErUM research are planned. The aim of the event is to launch the new community organisation (DIG-UM) and to bring together interested ErUM researchers working on the following topics:

  • Federated Infrastructures
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Research Data
  • Scientists Working Environment
  • Knowledge Dissemination

Please register at The programme can also be found on this website. The meeting itself will take place via the platform "Gathertown". Registered participants will receive an access code.

>User Meetings of DESY, European XFEL and ESRF

At the end of January, it's time again for the user meetings of DESY and the European XFEL, which will take place online again this year, from 21 to 28.01.2022. 28.01.2022. The week will include satellite sessions, online sessions on research with free-electron lasers and synchrotron radiation sources, poster sessions, and sessions on future developments at PETRA III and FLASH, including further developments to PETRA IV and FLASH 2020+. The KFS and ESUO will also be represented.

Registration (posters) is open until 17 January 2022 at

The ESRF User Meeting in February will also take place online (07.-09.02.2022).

The program of the ESRF User Meeting will tackle broad topics such as climate change, gender equality and COVID-19 vaccines, as well as highlighting more specific user research activities and updating the community on the status of ESRF beamlines. The meeting will be the perfect occasion to discover the most recent experimental results from the ESRF-EBS and to discuss new science and new possibilities enabled by the new source and new beamlines.

The registration runs until 02 February 2022 at

> Summer Schools

Summer schools are a good opportunity for students and other young academics to focus on a topic and to make contacts. We are therefore pleased that a number of summer schools are also planned for this year. We have already announced the materials science RACIRI Summer School in Sweden in August. The 15th Bombannes Summer School in France on the topic of soft matter is planned for June. For structural biologists, the two EMBO courses in Grenoble in May/June and the FEBS course in Greece in May are interesting - attention, the application deadline is soon - and also those who want to apply for the crystallographic school in Zurich should hurry up. The Aarhus Summer University is primarily aimed at Danish students, but you can also apply as an exchange student or "freemover". Intensive experiences are also offered by the Summer Student Programmes of the facilities - for HZB, the maximum number of applicants
has already been reached, and for DESY the application procedure is planned from February.

If you would like to refer to further Summer Schools, please feel free to write us an email (

>DAPHNE4NFDI: Software questionnaire

In order to make the DAPHNE software ecosystem user-friendly for all disciplines, potential software packages, spokespersons and publicly available datasets are currently being collected. Once more, we call on you to participate by using the following form:

There is background information at

> KFS meeting

Anyone interested in what topics were discussed at the last KFS meeting on 6 December 2021 can read this in the brief minutes on the KFS website:

>Selected deadlines

14 Jan. 2022: Early bird registration deadline for 30th Annual Meeting of the German Crystallographic Society, Munich, 14-17 March 2022

15 Jan. 2021: Second registration deadline for FEBS2022 Advanced course: Lost in Integration - Probing Biomolecules with Electrons, Photons, Neutrons and Magnetic Spins, Spetses Island, Greece, 09-15 May 2022

16 Jan. 2022: Proposal deadline DELTA, Dormund

17 Jan. 2022: Application deadline (poster) for DESY Photon Science and European XFEL Users Meeting 2022, Online, 21-28 Jan. 2022

17 Jan. 2022: Proposal deadline PETRA III (long-term projects and block allocation group proposals)

17 Jan. 2022: Proposal deadline ESRF (long-term projects)

17 Jan. 2022: Deadline for poster submission to Best Poster Prize contest / Registration deadline for feature in the conference booklet (as participant or poster) ESRF User Meeting 2022, Grenoble, France, 7 - 9 Feb. 2022

17 Jan. 2022: Application deadline for Zurich School of Crystallography 2022: Bring your own crystals, Zürich, Schweiz, 19-30 June 2022

21 Jan. 2022: Deadline for abstracts and pre-registration for LEAPS 2022 — LEAPS Conference, Elba, Italy, 15-22 May 2022

31 Jan. 2022: Application deadline for EMBO Practical Course "Characterization of macromolecular complexes by integrative structural biology", Grenoble, France, 28 May -04 June 2022

02 Feb. 2022: Registration dealine for ESRF User Meeting 2022, Grenoble, France, 07-09 Feb. 2022

20 Feb. 2022: Application deadline for Bombannes summer school on scattering methods applied to soft condensed matter, Carcan-Maubuisson, France, 20-28 June 2022

21 Feb. 2022: Registration dealine for User Information Workshop for the SLS 2.0, Online, 28 Feb. 2022

01 March 2022: Proposal deadline ESRF


With kind regards and best wishes for the New Year,

Jan-Dierk Grunwaldt, KFS chair
Sarah Köster, deputy KFS chair
Karin Griewatsch, KFS PR

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