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[kfs-verteiler] Election result, German-french projcts on AI, FLASH and deadlines

KFS email newsletter on Nov. 11, 2020


Dear colleagues,

Result of the KFS election

The following members were elected to the 12th KFS: Bridget Murphy, Birgit Kanngießer, Sarah Köster, Andrea Thorn, Jan-Dierk Grunwaldt, Christian Gutt, Taisia Gorkhover and Dirk Lützenkirchen-Hecht. Congratulations! These guests will also take part in KFS meetings: The scientific directors of the synchrotron radiation laboratories, representatives of the project management organisation, the BMBF and ESUO. In addition, up to four further members can be co-opted by the elected committee to cover  important fields. Here you can find the election results:

Funding of German-French projects on artificial intelligence

In the last newsletter we announced a planned funding directive for the digital transformation - today we would like to draw your attention to an announcement of the BMBF, which has already been published and is specifically aimed at German-French
projects on the topic of artificial intelligence.

There are two funding lines - A: Research collaborations, B: R&D projects

Project outlines must be submitted via easy-online by 21 December 2020 - 13.00 CET:

New Head of FLASH

DESY is seeking a lead senior scientist (W3) as the new Head of FLASH.
The application deadline is 14 December, 2020.

Selected dates and deadlines

Nov. 17-18, 2020: EMBL Hamburg P12 Virtual User Meeting

Nov. 18-20, 2020: Online-PETRA IV Workshop "Technical Challenges and
Scientific Computing"

Nov. 20, 2020: Registration deadline for the BESSY@HZB User Meeting (Online),
Dec. 10, 2020

Nov. 30, 2020: Deadline for the non-binding pre-registration for SRI2021

Dec. 01, 2020: Deadline for the call for scientific instrumentation proposals

Dec. 10-11, 2020: Italy @ EuXFEL Online Workshop

Dec. 16, 2020: Proposal deadline European XFEL

Dec. 21, 2020: Application deadline for CALIPSOplus, access for small and
medium-sized companies to synchrotron radiation measurement time

Dec. 21, 2020: Application deadline for German-French projects on artificial

With kind regards,

Bridget Murphy, KFS chair
Karin Griewatsch, KFS PR

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