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[kfs-verteiler] SNI2022, DAPHNE4NFDI and one year 12. KFS

KFS newsletter on December 21, 2021


Dear colleagues,

Christmas is just around the corner, the new year is about to begin - reason for a last newsletter this year to bring you up to date.

> Invitation to the SNI2022, 05 - 07 September 2022 in Berlin

We are looking forward to many personal encounters at the 5th Conference on Research with Synchrotron Radiation, Neutrons and Ion Beams at Large Facilities, 05 - 07 September 2022 in Berlin. On the conference website you will find the most important information, which will be supplemented and updated over time. The KFN, KFS and KFSI committees are planning the programme, which is sure to be diverse, up-to-date and professionally excellent again thanks to your contributions - abstracts can be submitted until April. We are pleased that Jan Lüning (HZB) has taken over the chairmanship of the conference and that the HZB is organising the conference on the premises of the FU Berlin. The event will be rounded off by a reception and a public lecture. We would also like to encourage students who have not yet started their doctoral studies to take part in the conference and to exchange ideas and get inspired - free of charge if the necessary documents are submitted in time.

We look forward to seeing you!

More information at:

>DAPHNE4NFDI: Questionnaire on software

The DAPHNE4NFDI homepage is constantly being expanded. Currently, you can find a call for participation of power users and other interested parties in Task 3 - Infrastructure for data and software. The aim is to create, curate and foster analysis software that can be deployed on ‘cloud-like’ services so that ‘ordinary’ users can repeat and benefit from the work of power users, and to make the analysis of ‘big data’ technically simple, reproducible and sustainable. You can read about this in detail on the website:

In order to make the DAPHNE software ecosystem user-friendly for all disciplines, potential software packages, spokespersons and publicly available datasets are currently being collected. We call on you to participate by using the following form:

> The first year of the 12th KFS: A look back and into the future

One year ago the 12th KFS started its work under the leadership of Jan-Dierk Grunwaldt and Sarah Köster. What was important this year, what did we achieve and what are we planning for the future?
Read our look back and into the future on the KFS website, see!

>Selected deadlines and dates

14.01.2022: Deadline for cheaper registration for the 30th Annual Meeting of the German Society of Crystallography, Munich, 14-17.03.2022

15.01.2021: Second registration deadline for FEBS2022 Advanced course: Lost in Integration - Probing Biomolecules with Electrons, Photons, Neutrons and Magnetic Spins, Spetses Island, Greece, 09.-15.05.2022

16.01.2022: Measurement time application deadline for DELTA @ TU Dormund

17.01.2022: Deadline for Long-Term Projects (LTP) PETRA III @ DESY

17.01.2022: Registration deadline for DESY Photon Science Users Meeting 2022, Online, 21-28.01.2022

17.01.2022: Registration deadline for Zurich School of Crystallography 2022: Bring your own crystals, Zurich, Switzerland, 19-30.06.2022

20.01.2022: Community Meeting ErUM-Data

We wish you happy holidays and a healthy, successful and all-round good year 2022!

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